20's Costumes

Other fun items that you can add to the costume would be a fedora hat and a prop Tommy Gun. These accessories were standard issue during the 20s and no gangster was caught without them. Although your boy probably doesn't care much for dressing up in a suit on other days, he'll learn to respect his appearance in this period style outfit. This Halloween your son will be the kingpin of the candy business. He'll get all the kids to work for him, and if any of them has a problem with that, then they can find themselves snacking on fish sticks instead. It all starts with a boy's 20s gangster costume.

There are too many restrictions going around in the 20s for a boy to make an honest living, so he's got to take matters into his own hands. The boy's 20's Costumes are the dress code of the era, where you've got to look good when you're taking what's yours and turning a profit. This collection of boys' gangster costumes will get your son ready for work. Every costume available is a variation on the classic pinstripe suit that was so popular during that decade. They come with matching pants and a shirt with an attached tie. Simply add a pair of your son's own dress shoes and he'll be looking like a million bucks, especially once he's taken it from the bank. 

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