50's Costumes

The beginning of the rebellious period has its roots in black leather jackets, hot rods, and malt shops where all the cool kids went to hang out on a Saturday night. The boys 50's Costumes are a throwback to the golden years, when rock & roll was ruled by one man and the boys refused to follow the norm. This cool collection of boys' 1950s costumes will make your boy a real hound dog. 

One of the most iconic figures of this period was Elvis Presley, The King of Rock & Roll. Our selection of Elvis Costumes are designed after his white Americana jumpsuit from his famous Las Vegas show. They are adorned with tons of trim and will make your boy look legitimate. The only thing he'll need to complete the look is an Elvis style wig to wear. Other than the King, the other figures of the 50s were the boys coming of age in this time. They were never without a comb in their pockets and wore their black leather jackets like a uniform. The greaser look was very popular for its rebellious style. They single-handedly popularized blue jeans and leather jackets. Now what could be cooler than that? 

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