60's Costumes

Another feature of the dress was an affinity for tie dye colors. These would often be quite different from what everyone else wore. Accessories that would fit a hippie costume would be a peace sign necklace, an afro wig, and sandals. A VW bus also wouldn't hurt, but your boy is surely far too young to drive. Halloween may by the season of spooky fun, but that doesn't mean there's no room for a little bit of peace and love to spread around. Those qualities are what keeps everyone happy and going from day to day. 

Teach your boy about the advantages of love and harmony by dressing him in an outfit that was indicative of the era of hippies. The Boys 60's Costumes are comfortable and colorful outfits that will impress everyone. He'll be a popular boy to be around, especially when he's handing out peace flowers to all. Times were good and everyone was discovering that VW buses and hanging out while jamming on acoustic guitars was the ideal way of living. Forget about the 9-5 and the stresses of regular life, the hippie took things in stride and traveled the country spreading a message that was direly needed. The flower print pants, vests, and bandanas were standard for most hippies of the time period. 

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