70's Costumes

Rock & Roll was absolutely coming into its own in this decade. It was becoming loud and crazy, growing up with its audience. KISS was one such band that led the way, and the KISS costumes in this catalog will be really popular among boys. You boy will transform your quiet, little town into Rock City once he's done with it. Every one of these boys' 70s costumes has a story to tell about the decade. Which one is entirely up to you two. 

Popular music clashed in this decade, and you were either a disco fiend or a hard rock junkie. The Boys 70's Costumes is a collection of the outfits that were popular in this particular decade. All of them are about good times and partying, so there won't be any need to worry about whether a costume will come off as boring. Disco was huge. People went out dancing every weekend under the strobe of disco balls. It was practically a sport. The disco outfits available for your boy are white and feature attached shirts with large collars. Simply get him the right shoes and he'll be ready to show off his moves. Assorted jewelry like gold necklaces would also be great with disco costumes to enhance their appeal. 

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