80's Costumes

Other popular outfits of the 80s were sleeveless, torn up band shirts, military boots, and zebra stripe pants. This era was popular for the phenomenon of hair metal. which was louder and thrashed harder than rock music had been in previous decades. Get your boy set up with a microphone, fingerless gloves, and a long wig. He'll be able to belt out popular favorites of the decade. 

Pop and rock are partners in crime during this decade of big hair and big music. The Boys 80's Costumes are the perfect outfits for Halloween because they are vibrant and designed after the style of energetic performers. Your boy's most difficult decision, when it comes to these costumes, is which one to pick and wear on Halloween. You cannot talk about the 80s without mentioning Michael Jackson. He was the King of Pop and known for his catchy songs and impressive dance moves. The Michael Jackson costumes are designed after some of his most iconic outfits from his most memorable performances. Your boy could wear the thriller jacket or the military jacket, both of which are instantly recognizable. Simply add a wig and sun glasses to compete his look. 

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