Boys Animal Costumes

On the other end of animal costumes are the scary ones. If your boy is a tad older and wants something that's more appropriate for the spooks, then he can choose from our selection of werewolf outfits. All of them feature a torn up shirt with furry sleeves and a vicious wolf mask. Other than wolves, he can also be a creepy experimental monkey. These boy's animals costumes are all detailed and will transform your son into something wild. Trick-or-treating with him will be a lot of fun for you and everyone you two come in contact with. 

All boys have a connection to animals they love. If you're not sure what would be the best costume for your son to wear on Halloween, start with the things he likes for inspiration. The Boy's Animals Costumes are a collection of cute and scary costumes that are suitable for all ages. Your boy will look amazing in any one of these outfits. Puppies, Penguins, Horses, and other cute animals are available on this page. These items are predominately jumpsuits that zip up in the front or back, and all of them feature a plush animal head hood. One of the nicest features of these costumes is that they are snug and warm, so, depending on your location, you may not have to have your son wear a jacket

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