Halloween is a holiday meant for shrills and thrills and one of the most iconic pieces of clothing to wear during this night is something long and mysterious. The boy's capes and robes costumes fit those definitions perfectly and will be great for your boy to wear should he want to scare his friends. The first rule of capes and robes is that they must be dark, so that's why all of the ones featured on this page are designed exactly that way. Capes have a connection with class and most of the classiest men lived in large stone houses, all of which were full of secret passages. A cape is a great way to make your boy a vampire costume.

Robes can be adapted to several different kinds of themed costumes, but one of the scariest is a specter. Our robes can be adapted to transform your son into a ghost who's haunting the woods or to make him into the Grim Reaper. Both prospects are terrifying and can be worked to great effect on the spookiest night of the year. Whether he's out trick-or-treating or enjoying a Halloween party at someone's home, he'll make a spooky impression on everyone who comes across him. 

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