You can't pull together an early American look without getting one of those signature patriotic hats people used to wear! So don't go as a person from the 18th century or get on stage for a historic play without this key component. Our collection of patriotic hats includes great historic and modern looks, so you can show off your American pride! Pilgrims and colonial men and women wore hats as a standard back in the 1600s and 1700s. Between bonnets and tricorns, these accessories are an essential feature to portraying one of these early Americans. 

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This is even more so the case if you're looking to dress up as a soldier from the American Revolution or Civil War as military men from this period were rarely seen without their uniform hats. Our military hats will give you the look of a distinguished war hero and will help you honor those who fought to protect our freedom. If you want to wear a patriotic hat just for some fun, you'll love the ones that feature stars and stripes. These items proudly display red, white, and blue colors and are great to wear on the Fourth of July, during election night, and on Memorial Day. We have large oversized versions showing these images as well as more traditional top hat styles. 

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