At ease soldier. Are you ready to battle it out on the front lines with your country? Or maybe you rather be sneaky and behind the scenes like a true ninja? Either way, we have a military costume for you. G.I. Joe knows how to win every war, and so will you when you put on one of these outfits. Go the camouflage route and blend in with your surroundings, or you can be an all black ninja and be invisible in the dark, to your adversaries. Maybe you want to travel back in time and be an old Civil War general. Which ever you choose, we need you out there soldier. 

It's ugly on the battlefield, and the military is calling for you to help. I know you have what it takes to fight along with the bravest and brightest. This is your chance to shine and be a hero, so don't let it go to waste. Put on your boy's military costume and grab your gear. Tonight, on Halloween, we bring the fight to them. Do you have what it takes? Who am I kidding, of course you have what it takes. You just need the right equipment to get you started. Our soldier outfits will help you fight the good fight, and win that unwinnable war. 

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