What's that you see coming down the way? Why, is it a platoon of musket-bearing Minutemen, magically transported from the days of the Redcoats and patriots, suddenly here in your town, closing in fast in lock step? No! Of course it's not - it's just a group of boys in realistic historical costumes! 

Maybe he can't ever truly visit the Founding Fathers as they struggle through the winter at Valley Forge, or as they burn the midnight oil, crafting the Declaration of Independence, but that's no reason you can't dress him up like them! Well made, colonial and patriotic costumes are just the ticket whether he is doing a history report for school, participating in a reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord or just headed to a fun America themed costume party. Help him show off his patriotic pride dressed up as the iconic Uncle Sam. Channel his inner John Hancock or George Washington right down to the stockings and breeches and all the way up to a fine powdered wig! 

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