Boys Pirates Costumes

Ahoy matey! Board the ship and come sail the tall seas. Fly that black flag high, because this Halloween, you're going to be the most feared pirate of all the oceans. With one of these pirate costumes for boys, you'll be making someone walk the plank in no time. In one of these outfits, you can fight along side Captain Jack Sparrow, or fight as Captain Jack Sparrow. Make sure you treat your swashbuckling crew well, because you don't want a mutiny and get thrown you off your own ship. These boy's pirate costumes will give you everything you need to fit in on the biggest and best pirate ship. A real pirate only uses one eye, because the other's covered with a patch, and he always wears his hat or bandana. 

Will this be the Halloween where you find the buried treasure you've been looking for? The ocean is vast, but grab you're compass, put up your sails, and I know you'll find it. Captain Hook is out there searching, and you don't want him to get to it before you. All of that hidden gold will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Grab your trusted parrot or monkey and wear the hat with the skull on it, to show the other pirates you mean business. This year, you're going to be swinging from the top ropes and sword fighting your adversaries, you just need the proper gear to start you out. 

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