The boys in blue and the ones who ride on the trucks need you. Policemen and firefighters are two of the most well respected professions out there, so who wouldn't want to be one these two for Halloween? With our police and firefighter costumes for boys, you can be. Every young kid wants to slid down that fire pole, put on the hard hat, and ride on top of the fire truck with the sirens blaring. Just like the fire fighter fantasies, we all have thoughts of riding in a cop car, switching the sirens on, and putting the pedal to the metal. Whether you want to fight crime or fight fire, we have a police and firefighter outfit for you. 

You can be a highly trained S.W.A.T. officer, waiting to get the call and strike with your team, or you can be a street cop, walking his beat everyday, protecting his neighborhood from criminals. It's important for people to protect us from criminals, but it's just as important to have the brave people protecting us from fires. With the giant hoses and incredibly tall ladders, you will be drowning that fire just in time to rescue the people stuck on the top floor. Sure you might have to save a couple cats from trees, but you'll be a hero non-the-less. 

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