Boys Religious Costumes

Other than Halloween, there are also the holidays and stage productions that require the need for religious robes. Our boy's Biblical/Religious costumes page is your ideal stop for all the outfits you'll need to dress your boy up for when he's a part of a production of the nativity scene. Many of the costumes here are of assorted Shepherds who lead their flocks. These outfits are made of a comfortable material and are ankle length robes. Some come with an accompanying hood to protect young travelers from the harsh sun. Some of the shepherd outfits are quite basic, and others are resplendently decorated in blue hues. 

There are several costumes that are modeled after important men from the bible. Your boy can be the perfect image of Joseph with one of our many Joseph costumes, or he can lead the Israelites to freedom from the pharaoh as Moses. We offer unique styles for each of the three wise men also, which is very handy should you desire a way to tell them apart. Lastly, there are costumes fit for a king, and these outfits feature shimmery material and crowns to complete the look. 

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