Boys Superhero & Villain Costumes

Whether it's a bite from a radioactive spider, a cruel twist of fate, or a daring escape off a dying planet, a superhero is born from unexpected circumstances. This may be one of them. The Superheroes Infant Toddler costumes for boys will transform your boy into a powerhouse of goodness and justice for the weak. He may be no more than 3 feet tall right now, but as he grows older the lessons learned from wearing one of these superhero costumes will stick with him for a long time, and shape the man he'll become. 

The primary powerhouses of the superhero world are those from DC and Marvel Comics. On the DC side you have the most popular superheroes of all time. Our collection of Batman costumes range from the adorable to the brooding, or as brooding as a child can be dressed as Batman. The Superman costumes also range from cute to heroic, especially the ones with a built-in muscle chest. 

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