Do you vant to suck some blood this Halloween? With these vampire costumes for boys, no one will be able to look away from your mesmerizing stare. Your fangs will shine like stars in the cold and dark night's air. Everybody will feel your presence, but no body will know where you are. You're the creepy crawly monster that everyone gets under their covers to hide from. The vampire is out on the town tonight, so beware. 

Go back in time, and be Dracula, the first vampire known to man, or pretend like this is the first night you've been turned, and your lust for blood is the strongest it will ever be. Change into a bat, as you fly through the midnight sky in search of your next victim. But don't stay out too late this Halloween; you don't want the sun to come up, turning you into ash. And make sure to avoid any candy with garlic in it. That's a tip for humans and vampires. Any candy with garlic would be disgusting. 

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