Watch out! The dead are rising from their graves, and it's only a matter of time before they eat us all. But I know how you can save yourself. Pretend like you're a zombie and they'll just walk right passed you. Our boys' zombie costumes will make it so no one, not even a zombie, would be able to tell if you are dead or alive. Oh no, you didn't make it through the zombie apocalypse. You were bitten and now it's your turn to be the undead. You can either be a regular old zombie, or you can be one of our exciting themed zombies. 

Maybe you are one of the dead monkeys that started with the zombie virus and spread it all over the world. Maybe you were sailing your pirate ship and some how a zombie mermaid jumped on and bit you. Now you're on a quest to eat the brains of all your crew members. There are plenty of zombie costumes for boys to choose from us. Let your imagination run wild, becoming any kind of flesh eater you want. 

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