Captain America

Save America from impending doom by dressing up as Captain America! You'll also save any Halloween or costume party that you decide to attend when pretending to be Captain America. Captain America's real name is Steven Rogers and he is a tall and scrawny man who wishes to enlist into the U.S. Army but is turned away do to his physical stature. Nevertheless, he is tough and is chosen as a test subject for a Super-Soldier project. This is what gives him his peak strength, agility, stamina and intelligence. You won't have to be test subject to gain all those because you'll become Captain America when you put on one of our awesome costumes!

Captain America has been around since the 1940's and has gone through many different looks and costume changes. Whether you're an older man who remembers the original Captain America look or you're a young boy who is familiar with the Avengers version of Cap, we have exactly what you're looking for. Some costumes are movie quality while others have padded muscles to make you look and feel extra strong! You'll be blown away by our selection of quality outfits at such cheap prices.

You can head to the party solo as Captain America or you can grab some friends and recreate The Avengers! And don't just wear this on Halloween, our costumes will be great to wear to Comic-Con and other such events. Don't miss your call to serve your country on Halloween, dress up in one of our Captain America costumes!

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