Cat Costumes

There are two kinds of people in this word: cat people, and everyone else. If you've ever imagined nimbly dancing around on padded paws, or curling up to sleep anywhere, or weightlessly leaping like it was effortless, you're a cat person. If you love the grace of a house cat, the speed of a cheetah, or the majesty of a lion then you're a cat person. If this is you then we have the perfect cat costumes for Halloween.

Cats have such strong personalities. They walk like they're on a mission. They sleep with one ear listening. They'll swat at ribbon, smack around toy mice, but they won't fetch. They won't come when called until they're good and ready, and probably not until you're trying to work. But if you're a cat person then you know all this is part of their charm. Nothing beats the look of bliss on a cat's face when you scratch under their chin.

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