Catwoman Costumes

Prepare for the purrfect Halloween look with our Catwoman costumes and superhero accessories. Catwoman isn't exactly a hero, but she isn't a villain either. Selina Kyle walks a fine line between good and evil, often helping Batman to achieve his goals in the city of Gotham. Still, the bad girl image can be appealing and we have sexy women's and cute girl's cat suits to help you achieve a cat burglar look.

Catwoman is one of the major characters in Batman's The Dark Knight. She is also a popular recurring character in Batman comics and cartoons. Since her expertise is in being sneaky, it's only natural that her uniform would help her remain undetected on dark rooftops. A zippered cat suit, black boots, and a utility belt is the typical design for this character. A few accessories like a whip, gloves, or eye mask will help complete your look. If you want to match the movie look, add a long brown wig to your ensemble.

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