Caveman/Cavewoman Accessories

Caveman costume accessories can give you a fun stone age look. A caveman or cavewoman outfit is an unusual choice that will make you stand out at your next Halloween or costume party. Alone or as a couple, the prehistoric look is fun to accessorize. Caveman and women costumes feature faux fur tunics with animal prints. Add a wild wig with a bone in it and some accessories and you've got an easy costume that will stand out.

If you don't have suitable sandals of your own then these should be the first accessory to get. You don't want to be a caveman in sneakers, and you can't go out barefoot, so you'll need something to wear. Stone age sandals are perfect. They've got high straps and fur, bone, and animal tooth details. Or for a hilarious touch put a pair of giant feet shoe covers over your own shoes. These big Neanderthal feet will really put a fun twist on your costume.

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