Chicken Suits

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the costume party. That's what they'll be saying about you when you don one of our crazy chicken suits Because given the opportunity, why wouldn't you want to dress like a chicken? Let everyone else dress like vampires and cats, you are unique. You and your family can go to a party together. We've got a roosters, hens, and child chicken costumes. You can even get a rubber chicken and carry it like a baby. Or, if realism is your goal, carry an egg. But then again, there's not much realism to begin with in a family of giant chickens.

These costumes are awesome for anyone with a big sense of humor. Go for a morbid look by carrying a rubber chicken or dozen eggs and a frying pan. Or get a bucket of fried chicken as a prop. If dark humor's not your thing you could dress like someone famous. Put on a cowboy hat and be Chicken Boo from the Animaniacs. Or just hum Camptown Races while wearing a rooster costume to be Foghorn Leghorn. If you want to be really weird, get a chicken mask or hat and wear it with the body of another costume. You could make some crazy mash-ups, like a rooster Jedi or chicken Batman. Pretty much any costume is funnier when you put a chicken head on it.

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