Children's Shoes & Boots

Make sure your little ones know no one can fill their shoes like they do, with our complete line of Children's Shoes! Let them step into a world of imagination with our Child Power Rangers Shoes, or take a leap back into history with our Child Pirate Costume Shoes. We offer an array of sizes to accommodate growing feet, in fun and colorful designs. Our Child Disney Shoes line includes plenty of character-specific footwear, too, with gorgeous selections for little girls dressing as Belle, Ariel, or Cinderella. We even offer innovative solutions for kid costumes, like our Wizard of Oz-inspired Sequined Shoe Covers or Colonial Costume Shoe Buckles and Children's Saddle Shoes, for sure footing as they journey to the past.

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If the shoe fits, wear it. This Halloween, find the perfect children's shoes to complement your kids' costumes. Whatever they decided to be this year, we have the perfect footwear to go with it. If you don't think that shoes are very important, just ask Cinderella what she thinks. After the death of her father, Cinderella was forced into servitude in her own home by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Jealous of Cinderella's beauty, they kept her busy with their chores and forced her to dress in rags to prevent her from leaving the house to socialize or meet anyone. Taking pity on her, Cinderella's fairy godmother creates a radiant dress and coach for her so she can travel in style to the ball at the castle. One of the fanciest and most important pieces of her elegant ensemble, Cinderella's glass slippers are all that last past midnight. In her haste, she leaves one behind at the castle, but holds on to the other as a memento for a magical evening.

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