If a kid today hears about the movie “Child’s Play,” we are sure they would be intrigued to watch it simply by the name. Well, this movie is the epitome of not judging a movie by its title, because this movie freaks out all little ones obsessed with their dollies. Chucky costumes are a horror fan’s perfect Halloween ensemble. After all, he is definitely the scariest little doll to land on the big screen, and has held that title since the late 1980’s. Here at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we ensure high levels of screams with these Chucky costumes alone.

After hearing the name Charles Lee Ray for the first time, some may chuckle a little. However, this is the name that screams evil, and the possession of a Raggedy Anne Doll. We ensure anyone hearing about possessed dolls will take a step back, and think twice about getting one. So, make sure to be the creepiest doll at the party with these Child’s Play costumes. It’s a guaranteed scare.

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