"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages..." The circus has come to town, and you're in it. There's nothing quite like a circus. The big top, the ringmaster, the clowns, the animals, the acrobats—circuses are thrilling events. It's fun to dress up in a circus costume. With hundreds of ideas for costumes, you're guaranteed something unusual and exciting.

The circus ringmaster is the stage manager, announcer, and master of ceremonies. They are the ones in the bright red topcoat and tails, with the big top hat. They stand in the ring and announce each act, talking to the audience and making sure that the show moves smoothly. Dressing up as a ringmaster is easy, since there are several versions for men and for women. It's definitely an unusual costume choice that will make sure you stand out at a party.

Clowns are a circus staple. These comic performers wear crazy costumes with oversized shoes, red noses, and lots of makeup. You can get a clown costume in all kinds of bright, colorful styles. Add accessories like crazy wigs, big shoe covers, and makeup kits. You can wear these as a costume for a party or to entertain kids. What would a circus be without performing animals? Elephants lined up and standing, leaning against the one in front. Lions and tigers jumping through hoops. Monkeys performing with the clowns. A circus needs animals. We have lots of animal costumes for you or your children. Be an elephant, lion, tiger, monkey, or even a horse.

The circus is fun and so is dressing up like a ringmaster, clown, or animal. Gather friends and family and dress up as a whole act.

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