Cleopatra Costumes

Is there a more famous woman of antiquity than Cleopatra? There certainly wasn't a more powerful one. A Cleopatra costume for Halloween will give you the beauty and power of the ancient queen of the Nile. She was the last pharaoh of Egypt, ruling at the time of the Roman Empire. She had a relationship with Julius Caesar and, after his death, with Mark Antony.

Legend has it that after Antony committed suicide, Cleopatra killed herself with the bite of an asp. Cleopatra is known for her beauty as well as her power, charm, intelligence, and wit. By aligning with Caesar and having his child she was guaranteed to remain a pharaoh of great influence. This influence continued after Julius Caesar was assassinated because she formed a relationship with Mark Antony, the next leader of Rome, and bore him twins. Years later when it was clear Antony's factions would lose the Roman civil war, he killed himself and she followed suit soon after.

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