Colonial Costumes

Times are always changing, but you can go back to a simpler era with our colonial costumes and settler accessories. The American colonial era is a favorite period among history buffs. The time is often used for patriotic holidays and events like Thanksgiving and Independence Day. Pick out a kid's settler outfit for a school play or pageant or use one of our adult colonist ensembles to dress up your national celebration.

If you want to find a colonial ensemble for a reenactment, make sure you do your research and find the right styles. Women and girls often wore simple frocks with an apron and bonnet. These pilgrim clothes are super cute as far as historical styles go. Try adding a picnic basket, black Mary Jane shoes, or a white curled wig to your look. Powdered wigs were often worn by higher class women and men to show status. For men and boys, look for breeches that end at the knee, white knee socks, and flowing shirts. A tricorn hat or ascot can also add some fun to your boy's colony outfit. Add a buckle shoe cover, white wig, or round spectacles to create a specific character like Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson.

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