A fancier crown for a more formal looking king or queen costume features a soft hat in bright red or dark blue. This cap sits inside a metal" crown and often appears more like a lining. It may have some kind of faux fur trim around the brim. Every princess wears a tiara. Tiaras are just the front half of the crown and are often encrusted with faux gems

It's good to be the king. The queen, too. Bring out your inner royalty with a king or queen costume. But don't forget a crown. It's the crown that makes you royal. We have toppers to complete any noble costume, for men and women, and for children too. A basic crown is just a fancy band of gold or silver, usually adorned with jewels, and often with points or crosses sticking up. The crowns we sell and the jewels in them are plastic, of course but still look pretty fancy. Some have spires or diamond shapes, others have fleur-de-lis or Maltese crosses, or some combination these different kinds of decorations.

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