Curvy 20's Costumes

Celebrate a time of flappers, gangsters and speakeasies in a plus size 20s costume. The 1920s are famous for being the Prohibition era. Many TV shows and films romanticize the decade as one of classy men in suits and free-spirited, fast-n-loose women. Flapper dresses and gangster suits are two of the most popular twenties plus size outfits, but there are plenty of ways to make your look unique.

Women's flapper costumes and feminine gangster suits are great ladies' options. Flappers were a subculture of 20s women who turned societal norms of the time on their head. These girls got their name from their loose, fringed dresses that "flapped" as they moved. Flapper accessories like feather headbands and pearl necklace strands are perfect for 20s outfits. You can add a little extra class to your women's outfit with a feather boa and a cigarette wand.

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