Curvy 50's Costumes

Get a look for the fabulous fifties with our plus size 50s costumes. The 1950s were a time for rock and roll, big hair, and cool American muscle cars. Shows like Grease and Happy Days show us the various teenage styles of the decade including pink poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and greaser styles. Adult fifties outfits might feature popular aesthetics of the time like housewife and pin up dresses, bowling shirts, and character ensembles.

I Love Lucy was one of the biggest television shows of the decade and featured Lucille Ball as a spunky 50s housewife. Her signature blue polka dot dress and curly red hair are a perfect example of fifties fashion. Other polka dot dresses can make for a great generic housewife dress. A short and flirty dress can make for a fun women's pin-up model. Women should try pinning their hair into a popular style from the era or pick out a 50s wig to match their look. Most men in the 1950s wore classic suits, but some style scream 50s. Try a leather jacket with jeans or a powder blue prom tux to create a uniquely fifties vibe. The Fonz from Happy Days and Danny Zuko from Grease both modeled the greaser look.

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