Curvy 70's Costumes

Swing into your next Halloween party in a groovy 70s plus size costume. Our plus size selection of decade fashions includes hippie and disco accessories and clothing pieces. The 1970s had tons of cool new music, fads, and fashions that you can use to help inspire your look. Listen to disco music from films like Saturday Night Fever, Hair, and Xanadu. Rock and roll also started to make a bigger impact on culture with bands like Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and Jimi Hendrix. Many aspects of 1960s fashion and trends overlap with this newer decade, so feel free to take some of your favorite fads from that decade to make your outfit even better.

Disco costumes are a sure bet when it comes to picking a 70s theme. Leisure suits, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and big jewelry were all part of the disco scene. Dance the night away in accessories like disco ball earrings and gold necklaces. Other disco accessories include aviator sunglasses, feathered and afro wigs, and dance shoes. You can get even more musical with your look by adding a microphone or electric guitar prop to the mix. A Go Go girl outfit is another fun Halloween option for women. Geometric patterns and short skirts reigned supreme with this fashion trend.

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