Go back in time to an era before fashion with our cavewoman costumes. Cavewomen are shown in TV shows, movies, and other stories in many different outfits. History shows us that early man might have worn fur clothing like loincloths and tunics. Historic costumes are a bit more fashionable than simple strips of fabric. You can pick out something outlandish or simple to make just the outfit you want. 

Just because your character is from the prehistoric ages, doesn't mean your outfit has to look dated. A sassy cavewoman outfit with animal print and faux fur trim is a great way to dress up a cavewoman look. Add even more to a simple fur dress or tunic with caveman accessories. Toy weapons like clubs, spears, and bows and arrows make for an exciting prehistoric ensemble. Bone and bead jewelry and leather accessories can make for a fun barbarian outfit. TV shows like the Flintstones have given us some of the most famous depictions of cavemen. Dress up as Fred or Wilma in a cartoon caveman costume. Other plus size options include bold animal print in neon colors.

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