Add something exotic to your Halloween plans with our Egyptian and Arabian plus size costumes. You might not be able to go to the desert to celebrate, but you can bring the sand dunes to your party with a cultural Egypt outfit. Ancient Egypt and Arabia have fascinating traditional clothing for dancing, royalty, and other cultural happenings. Ancient Egypt is full of mythical beings and elegant royalty. Look like a queen in our Cleopatra robes or Egyptian goddess dresses. Men will look great as a great Pharaoh like King Tut. 

Basic black and white tunics can make for a good base to your Egyptian costume. Beef up your look with historic accessories like Egyptian headdresses, gold jewelry, staves, and snake theme items. Women can create cat-eye designs with make up for an exotic look. Bring your outfit to Arabia for a taste of gypsy and enchantress outfits. Men's plus size sheik costumes are a fun option for guys. Pretend to be a merchant or a sultan with accessories like magic lamps, sandals, turbans, and crowns. For a more mystical take on these Arabian outfits, look for gypsy accessories like tarot cards, scarves, staves, and crystal balls. 

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