Friends, Romans, customers, lend us your ears so we can tell you about our plus size Greek costumes. Our ancient Greek and Roman designs follow basic styles like Roman tunics, dresses, and togas. Ancient gods and goddesses are popular designs to start with. Other ancient Roman occupations include warriors, kings, and philosophers. You can change some of the subtleties of your look with the appropriate accessories. 

Rome was the birthplace of civilization. You can create a sophisticated Caesar or philosopher ensemble with kingly accessories. Add items like crowns of laurel, gold sashes, and wine goblets. Gold jewelry and bangles can also create a regal or other-worldly allure. For a more rugged style, try a Roman soldier outfit or gladiator armor. Leather sandals, swords, spears, and shields make for great additions to warrior outfits. The Greek pantheon is full of fascinating stories and jealous gods. Mythic characters like Zeus, Hera, Artemis, and Aries are easy to recreate with props and accessories. 

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