Horror & Gothic

Embrace the traditions of Halloween with plus size scary costumes. Horror themes are closest to the original feel of the holiday. Originally, Halloween was a day to keep evil spirits at bay with spooky masks and outfits. Classic monsters are some of the most popular options. Get a few screams when you dress up as a ghost, skeleton, vampire, or zombie. Movie villains are another character sure to elicit a few scares. TV and movie characters like Ghostface, Jason Voorhees, and Frankenstein's monster are easily recognizable and are scary on virtue of their story alone. 

Movies like Friday the 13th and Scream have been seen by tons of people, so chances are most people at your party have seen them.If you would rather dress in a generic horror costume, plus size outfits like zombies, vampires, and ghosts can be put together from our clothing, accessories, and masks. Zombie outfits are super spooky, especially with the addition of fake blood, masks, face paint, and other cosmetics. Prosthetic scars, bones, and gashes can make for a bloody and horrifying mess! More elegant outfits can also be scary. Create a frightening yet sophisticated witch or vampire look for a seductively scary plus size costume. 

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