Medieval Renaissance

Travel back in time to an era of kings, queens, knights, and princesses with our Renaissance costumes. Plus size medieval outfits are perfect for Renaissance festivals, plays, and Halloween dress-up. Some of these middle ages looks are more accurate than others, but even the exaggerated designs can be fun for Halloween. The English Renaissance was full of fascinating events and culture. Shakespeare wrote dozens of plays, kings went to war, and religion changed and evolved. If you still can't find a Renaissance outfit to pique your interest with all that went on in history, you can always add fantasy elements to your look.

A sorceress or gypsy ensemble can be made from a simple tavern wench outfit and some mystical accessories. Add items like crystal balls, magic wands, and tarot cards to your fantasy style. Fairies are another popular style associated with medieval designs. Add butterfly wings, glitter, and hair extensions to your look for another magical twist on your plus size Renaissance costumes. Add other prosthetic pieces like pointed ears to create an elf outfit that fits a Renaissance theme.Men's options for a period outfit include woodland archers, kinds, and knights. You will look like you're ready to slay a dragon or protect the kingdom from invaders in a tunic or knight armor. 

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