Don't quit your day job, but do take a look at our plus size occupational costumes. Your 9 to 5 might not be the most exciting career out there, so take a departure from your everyday routine this Halloween with a fun new job and outfit. Ditch the desk and wear a career ensemble for something a bit more exciting. Astronauts, lion tamers, police officers, and nurses all wear fun uniforms that you can use to inspire your holiday ensemble. Women's occupational outfits typically show off a twist on typical work uniforms. 

A sexy nurse, police officer, or teacher design can make for a flirty and feminine career costume for women. Men's occupational outfits are just as outlandish as ones for women. Our circus and space theme jobs are literally out of this world! Every job needs the right tools to get the job done. Accessorize with props from your chosen job. Doctors and nurses will need syringes, stethoscopes, and clipboards. Police officers and detectives can use items like badges, whistles, handcuffs, and toy guns. Gloves, boots, and hats can all be matched to their respective jobs. You wouldn't expect to see a fire fighter or race car driver without a helmet, and you wouldn't want to see a lion tamer without his top hat. Just keep the feel of your occupation in mind and have fun picking accessories to match. 

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