Day of the Dead

Halloween is a scary holiday as it is, with characters like Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, killer clowns, and many more. The day is described by most as a death-themed holiday, which makes the day perfect for the Dias de las Muertas costumes (Day of the Dead). Anytime Costumes would love to introduce the creepy day, which is celebrated as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night. Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that celebrates deceased relatives to be with their loved ones one last time!

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The holiday is memorialized with bright colors, and amazing, but petrifying sugar skulls painted on everyone’s faces. The sugar skulls alone can make anyone screech with fear, which is the best sound on Halloween, right?! We ensure your spooky day, honoring the deceased is properly equipped with only the best costumes for the party!

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