Decades Accessories

Get down and swing your hips this Halloween, the way only Flappers know how. If you want to be a Flapper, it's not enough to just get a fancy, sequenced dress. You need all the Flapper accessoriesnecessary to turn you into a throwback diva, because if you're not flashy, then you are not a true Flapper. Be a Flapper and feel yourself liberated, as you let your wild side out, and ignore what the men around you think.

There's no part of the Flapper costume that is unimportant. From the feathered head dress all the way down to the shiny high heels, each accessory is a piece to an overall beautiful puzzle. This is a night to express yourself, and you can't fully do that without the proper Flapper accessories. When you're out at a club or a party, dressed as one of these influential women from the past, you want the other patrons to be stunned when you walk through the door. You want the blinding glare from your pearl earrings and necklace to attract every man like a bug to a lantern.

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