Despicable Me

If or your children are big fans of Gru and his crew of minions, then you are going to love our collection of Despicable Me costumes. We have something for everybody, and you can choose from several different characters from the movie. For example, you can the super-villain Gru, one of his adorable minions, or even Agnes, the youngest of the three little orphan girls. We have outfits for men, women, boys, and girls that are sure to whet your Despicable Me appetite.

As everybody knows, plans change when you have kids. You might have all of these dreams and grandiose ideas of what you are going to do with your life, but they all go out the window once children come into play. Well, the story of Despicable Me is no different. Gru is a super-villain who always dreamed of being an astronaut when he was younger. His mother always discouraged him from following this dream, so he decided to become a villain. To set himself apart from the rest of the world's villains, Gru devises a plan to steal the moon, with the help of his minions and a shrink ray.

When Gru originally finds the three little girls, he wants to use them for revenge on his nemesis, rival villain Vector. Gru adopts the girls and makes them part of his plan, but everything changes when Vector kidnaps them. Gru realizes that while his dreams of stealing the moon are important to him, so is doing the right thing and protecting the girls. Gru rescues the three orphan girls from Vector, and decides to raise them as his own. He understands that plans change and that sometimes, something more important comes along.

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