Disco Costumes

Strike that Saturday Night Fever pose. The 70's come alive in our Disco Costumes. Remember those polyester suits, the platform shoes, the shirts open down the front and the bell bottoms? Just close your eyes and picture the spinning mirror ball over head. Can't you just hear that beat? If you're blasting back to your past, or creating a fantasy real, we have the dance craze costume for you this Halloween. Whether guy or girl, old or young, get on those dancing shoes! You are about to boogie into dress up fun.

And we're not forgetting the younger dancers in your entourage. We have reproductions of adult costumes here in smaller sizes so everyone can get out on the dance floor and stay alive in their seventies playacting. Celebrate a dance craze, a fashion scene and the decade that lives in sparkling infamy for so many of us. Everyone at the Halloween party will be dying to get on the dance floor with you.

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