Disney Classic

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, there is just so much to choose from with our Disney Costumes. Just pick a popular movie form any decade. Recall any animated film from your growing up. Sit right down with your kids and look at the DVD's they're spinning through. How many times do you see Tinkerbell buzzing round Cinderella's Castle at the start of the film? Yes, Disney is a name synonymous with wonderful childhood memories and magic. This Halloween you can bring that magic to any party you attend.

You just know the wide range of royalty you're going to meet here. Some famous queens, princesses, queens and princes…most of the them charming. Then too there are a whole host of baddies. Disney has always presented great villains of either gender. It's as delicious to playact a bad character as a good. Whatever mood you're in, we will accommodate you with a hearty Hakuna Matata

In the Walt Disney universe there are many real life characters as animated. We have masks and bright colorful costumes, props too. You want to be a well-known mermaid, one of the most celebrated lion cubs of all time, or maybe a lusty crusty pirate? You know we have the costume to please you. In the end, Halloween dressing-up is about having good wholesome fun. What better big four fingered hands to be in then Disney's? Kids of any age will find a costume idea in this collections, and a fun one at that!

There's no need to get all goofy here. Step onto our Main Street USA and take a pick of one of our Disney Costumes.

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