Doctor Costumes

So many of us love to dress in Doctor Costumes for Halloween. It is for this reason that we present you with this chock-full collection, from scrubs to E.R. white coats, with props like stethoscopes, masks and reflectors. If your choosing to be a an M.D. for this year's round of parties, we have just the costume prescription for you. And remember, every member of the family can be put on call. You can have an entire ward full of medical men and women ready to attend that party.

Now be sure to check the pulse of the type of party you'll be attending. Do you want to show-up as the mad scientist doc? Maybe you're the wacky kind of sawbones, along with your white coat you might be sport a crazy colorful wig. We do have lots of accessories in and out of our Doctor collection that would make a medical costume great.

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