Domino Masks

The basic domino or cat's eye mask just covers the face around the eyes and over the bridge of the nose. The most basic of these masks are solid colors with no designs or decorations. The often have a simple elastic strap or cord to tie, although some may come attached to a handle. There's no limit, however, to how elaborate the fancier ones might be. These small masks can often be gilded, adorned with sequins, have intricate patterns, and lots of attached accessories like feathers, ribbons, and lace.

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Domino masks are fairly simple in design. Try decorating your own masks with glitter, feathers and beads as part of your party activities. See who can create the most unique design and award them beads as a prize for winning. Bulk sets of domino masks make for great party favors that you can decorate. More complex designs like butterfly and glitter domino masks can make for interesting additions to your Carnival costume. White and black Mardi Gras masks match most looks thanks to their neutral colors. Match a white cocktail mask to a suit or evening gown for an elegant masquerade accessory.

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