Dorothy Costumes

Don't expect just little girls to step out with Toto and battle the Wicked Witch. Girls of any age can wear our Dorothy Costumes. We have little and big for whatever size girl wants to get back to Kansas Halloween. That's the special thing with dressing like one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Everyone but anyone knows of The Wizard Of Oz and everybody, except Miss Gulch, just loves Dorothy. Is this the year that you skip down the Yellow Brick road of your town?

As with any other female character our women costumes run the gambit from the fun to the flirty. Whatever better time to playact and step outside your usual attitude? An older Dorothy can certainly turn a few Scarecrows' heads with some of the short blue-and-white checkered skirts we offer. And certainly we take some liberties with the sexiness of our Dorothy's thigh highs. But it's all in good fun. For the kids of course we stay true to Judy Garland's famous look. Beyond just the dresses and the famous ruby red slippers we sell wigs as well. Nothing is left to chance. We know girls of all ages love to dress like Dorothy so we have every costume contingency covered.

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