Dr Seuss

If it rhymes it might be high time to pick a costume for Halloween time. In the wonderful world of the creator of The Grinch you are bound to find a whole bunch of great Dr. Seuss Costumes. We have a collection not to be beat, by Sneech or anybody on Mulberry Street. From big white and red hats to cat costumes for young and old, step into the world of ole' Theodor Geisel and prepare to be amazed. This wide variety of Dr. Suess goodies we have for you and your family are the best to be found around any town!

It's fun one's is after traipsing round in the silly Seuss universe. We bring the characters and imaginative landscapes alive for you with our outfits and props. No matter your age, if you're looking to outfit the kids or yourself, boys and girls, even grandparents, you're sure to find something in our collection. You might not like Green Eggs and Ham but you're sure to love what we have for sale. You may have taken to recently reading your kids Dr. Seuss' books. You might have a very good memory and have retained those morality tales since childhood. Or you might just be after a little classic Americana in your Halloween dressing-up this year.

Whatever your reason for exploring your Seuss-ian side, have a look at Our Dr. Seuss costumes.

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