Dracula Costumes

Go back to a time before vampires sparkled in the sunlight with our classic Dracula costumes and accessories. Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is considered to be the quintessential vampire story. It tells of a dangerous Transylvanian count who turns out to be a monster. After a few characters are turned into vampires themselves and must be killed, the group of adventurers slay Count Dracula and end their tale. This Gothic vampire is the model for all other traditional vampire styles. Most of our Dracula outfits feature a black and red cape, tall collar, Victorian and Gothic jewelry, pale skin, and pointed fangs. Boys and men's Dracula ensembles are a classy and scary way to spend your Halloween. Dracula is undoubtedly the most famous vampire character in literature and has inspired countless clothing options, toys, food items, and movies.

The right horror accessories can transform a generic style into a Count Dracula look. Add a black wig with a widow's peak, gloves, a cane, and vampire makeup kit to your ensemble to get the look from the movie. Applying your undead makeup can be the most fun part of dressing up. Dark shadows under your eyes and cheekbones will create a gaunt look while pale face paint can create a bloodless look. A pendant necklace and other aristocratic styles are a perfect way to show off your count-hood.

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