Duck Dynasty Halloween Costumes

If you are a reality television fan, chances are that you have heard of Duck Dynasty. What started as a family business geared toward duck hunters became an A&E reality TV phenomenon geared toward just about anybody. The show follows the Robertson family, owners of Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar business that makes products for duck hunters. So if you are a reality TV fan, you definitely want to check out our awesome collection of Duck Dynasty costumes for your next Halloween or theme party.

Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander, was a star college football quarterback at Louisiana Tech with offers to play in the National Football League. However, Robertson didn't want to miss out on duck hunting season and decided to turn down the offers in order to start his own business. Forty years later, Phil's son Willie is the CEO of the family company and has made it into a multi-million dollar business operated out of West Monroe, Louisiana.

The men of the Robertson family became nationally recognized because of their iconic facial hair. Each male cast member has a full beard that covers a majority of his face – and the word "full" is an understatement. Our Duck Dynasty costumes feature camouflage vests, camouflage hats, patriotic bandanas, and of course, fake beards and facial hair. These items are sure to make you look like your favorite Duck Dynasty character, and all you have to do is practice your impressions.

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