Easter Accessories

Still need that extra something for Easter? Check out our selections of Easter accessories and put the finishing touches on your holiday. We have a wide range of items to choose from, including plastic eggs for egg hunts; shoes, beards and other costume accessories for religious pageants; makeup, bunny ears and other Easter Bunny accessories and more.

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This holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ; It is the most sacred holy day on the Christian calendar and is the cornerstone of the religion. Many churches hold processions or pageants during Holy week, the week before Easter. Participants may dress up as Jesus or one of the figures important in his life or the story of his crucifixion and resurrection We have accessories that can put the perfect finishing touch on your pageant or procession costume.

There are also nonreligious aspects to this holiday celebrating rebirth. Eggs, which have been fertility symbols for a long time, are one example. Children dye eggs in pastel springtime colors and they may find candy eggs in their Easter basket. Egg hunts are a delightful holiday activity for the family. Traditionally, real hard boiled eggs were hidden but these days the hunts are much more exciting with plastic eggs filled with surprises.

While Easter is always celebrated on a Sunday, the date changes from year to year. It is based on lunar cycles and Western Christians may celebrate this holy day anytime from late March to Late April. The Orthodox Christians' calendar is different and they may celebrate in May. Don't delay, make sure you order your accessories for Easter in time for the holiday.

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