Biblical Costumes

Good Christians know that Easter is the most important day in the religion. For the devout person who wants to observe this holiday with a traditional spiritual procession or pageant, we have Biblical/religious costumes for Easter, the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A traditional Christian procession is held on the streets of a city or town and tells the story of Christ for all to see. They are usually held on Easter or during Holy Week, the week preceding Easter. The processions are well organized and often the people involved play a role and dress accordingly. Men and women will dress as Jesus, Mary, Romans and other biblical people. Costumes are also used in church Easter pageants, which tell the story of Christ, though on a stage.

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Many cities worldwide are hosts to large pageants or processions such as Seville and other cities in Spain, Antigua in Guatemala, Rome and other Italian cities, and many more cities around the world. Smaller observances are held in Christian churches worldwide. Mesa, Arizona, bills itself as host to the largest outdoor Easter pageant in the world. Approximately 12,00 visitors see the pageant each year.

Easter is a movable feast, meaning it is not fixed on the calendar. It is based on lunar cycles and the date can vary from March 22-April 25 in Western Christianity. Orthodox Christians calculate Easter differently and it can be as late as May 5. Check the calendar and make sure that you order one of our Easter costumes of Biblical/religious figures in time for Holy Week.

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