Ever After High

If your daughter doesn’t want to dress up as a classic fairytale character, get her a more trendy Ever After High Halloween Costume. These teens are the children of classic fairytale characters and each have the same destiny as their parents. Some, like Apple White, daughter of Snow White, are looking forward to their Happily Ever After. Others do not want the same fate, such as Raven, daughter of the Evil Queen, who wants a better ending than her jailed mother and longs to write her own destiny. These costumes are a fun choice if mom wants to match her daughter. Mom can be Snow White or the Evil Queen and her daughter can be Apple or Raven.

First launched in 2013, the Ever After franchise includes books, dolls, webisodes and costumes. In the books and webisodes, the children and fairytale characters attend Ever After High, run by Headmaster Milton Grimm. According to Grimm, the teens must fulfill their destinies or their stories will be lost. It is quite possible that this is not the truth, but no one knows what the real truth is. Other girl characters are Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Madeline Hatter, daughter of the mad Hatter and C.A. Cupid, a transplant from Monster High.

The boys include Hunter Huntsman, son of the Huntsmen from Little Riding Hood and Snow White. He does not like hunting; Unknown to his family and almost everyone else, he is a vegetarian and secretly dating Ashlynn Ella, daughter of Cinderella. Dexter and Daring, sons of Prince Charming, Hopper Croakington II, son of the Frog Prince, and Tiny, whose father is the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk are also students. The tales are rich in creativity that makes dressing up like them fun.

Write your own destiny this Halloween and wear an Ever After High Costume.

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